Friday, March 30, 2012

It's been too long....

Hi friends!

I have been MIA for wayyyy to long! I really miss you guys and can't wait to give you an update on what's been going on!

One of the reasons I've been gone for a while is that my grandfather passed away February 22nd. We all took it pretty hard but I guess we were expecting it for a while, just praying that he would get better! Death is one of those things that you really can never prepare yourself for, but I find comfort in knowing he is with the Lord no longer suffering!

 for the fun part! I really haven't been doing much decorating, just a few things here and there, because I have a new DIY obsession! I feel comfortable enough to share that my newest addiction is...Wig!!! Yes you read that right! It all started with a simple youtube video, but I'm the type of person who sees something she likes and becomes obsessed! I never in a million years thought of wearing one until now and I feel we are all good enough friends to let my secret out...just don't tell anyone else!  ;)
They are easy, fun and most importantly give my hair a break from all the damage of heat, weather, and everything else you can think of! I've made about 6, including one for my mom and another for my aunt! So, now that you all know my latest DIY addiction I promise not to be MIA again for so long!

Here are a few pictures,  sorry I haven't taken more!

 I call this one Pam! ( I don't know but I made her so that I could pull her back for a wedding I was in last weekend!

This is is SASHA! I'm really into curly hair right now!

I will definitely do a tutorial on making one if you guys want!


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