Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess WHAT???!!

We found out the gender today!!!!

Baby was in a complete ball, feet by the head, so it took a little while but we found out

We're having a...

We're having a GIRL!!!!

 The moment Eden realized she wasn't gonna be the only child! :(

"Where balloon go?"

20 weeks 

SO excited to meet my lil girl!! I think I'm even more excited for Eden to have a sister! She is gonna be an awesome be sister...a little bossy, but definitely a little mommy and big helper!

Three will soon become four!!

Hope every bloggy is having an awesome weekend!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BIG news!!!

It has been way to long! I have really missed you guys! 

Ok, time to spill the beans, I have been holding out on you for way to long!!!

Here's a few hints

Guess yet??!!

Yup, I'm pregnant!! AHHHHH!!! LOL! I'm so excited that Eden is going to be a big sister, but totally scared straight at the same time! 

I'm 18 weeks now, and let me tell you, it has been a longggg few months! I found out when I was about 4 weeks, even thought after Eden I prayed that I would never find out that early again! And lucky me the sickness hit at 5 weeks! I mean the SICKNESS of all SICKNESSES!! I couldn't even get out of bed most days and forget keeping anything down! Even water was my worst enemy! Thankfully my brother was here and was a totally lifesaver! He went grocery shopping, did the cooking and entertained Eden! I totally owe him my right arm for keeping my house together during my leave of absence!! 

The first picture of the pregnancy test was the picture I sent my husband, with the caption, "Will you be my baby daddy again?" Funny thing was, he was in the next room when I texted him! I thought he would come out with open arms and give me a huge embrace, instead I stood in the hall way waiting and nothing! Finally I went in the room he was in and he was sitting with a smile on his face sending the same picture I just sent him to almost everyone in his contact list telling them his son was on the way! I wasn't in the least bit thrilled about that stunt! After crying about how that wasn't the way I wanted to tell people and that I was completely not ready at 4 weeks to tell anyone, he apologized, hugged me, then said how excited he was to have a son! LOL! MEN! 

I finally got over all my sickness and got my energy back about 2 weeks ago! I feel human again! I am now totally enjoying the pregnancy and looking forward to soon finding out the gender!

Life is good! 

Yesterday I got three wisdom teeth pulled and four filings and woke u this morning feeling pretty good, even went and got my nails done! 


Now to tackle all the other billion things on my to-do list, moving and continuing to make sure Eden is fully potty trained are just a few! LOL!

Hope is all well with you and that you had an awesome summer!!

I can't wait to take a look around bloggy world and see what everybloggy is up too!!



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