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Mannequin Monday #4: The Other side of Cool!

Happy Monday Lovely Friends.

Welcome to another super creative
Mannequin Monday  #4th Edition

* Special Guest Feature : The beautiful 

fashionista Rhi >> The Otherside Of Cool *

Little Beautiful Bits About Rhi
20 something Brit writing about what I love- music, fashion & style, love, friendship 
and beauty. Always on the wrong side of what's 'cool' but more than happy here! Expect 
outfits, reviews, make up looks, inspirational songs and anything else that I enjoy. 

Quick Fun Inspiring Features From Last Week
We super LOVED these amazing and unique features!
Who wore it best..? These superb blogger's! 

Thanks SO very much again for linking.. 
Without Further Due, Please Join Me In Welcoming
The Lovely And Amazing Rhi.. 'She's REALLY Cool"
Your style trait. 
Everyone has always told me I have a confused sense of style. And whilst it's true that 
it's hard to pin me down into one box, or genre, or style- I am 100% certain about who
I am and what I love. My taste is just varied. I'll mix skulls with sequins, spikes
with feathers, deep dark colours with pastels. I like to change outfits with
my accessories. A floaty floral dress can be totally changed with a spike
necklace and some biker boots, and changed again with a dainty
diamond bracelet, some pearl sandals and a silky scarf.
What are you known to wear as a favorite all year round??
Skirts and shorts! I hate the restriction of jeans and trousers and skirts/shorts can be
cooled down with bare legs for the summer or you can keep toasty with funky
tights and leggings during the colder months.
What are you wearing today?
I live in Malta where it's insanely hot. It can be hard knowing what to wear for the office, 
want to keep cool but hot pants and skimpy tops are a no no for work. I have to keep 
it comfy and cooling whilst still wanting to add some colour and make sure the outfit 
is 'me'. Here I've paired a pastel mint green vest top from New Look 915 (for just 
€4.50) with a dipped hem black skirt from EBay. Both items are loose 
and floaty but still smart and still very ME! 
Your Favorite Trends /Style Era
Part of me wishes we still dressed as Victorians- they were so proper, but so 
beautiful and intricate. I also love a 20s iinfluence on fashion, with scalloped
edges, fringing and sequins, however my favourite style era has to be right now.
For the first time ever there are no  obscure and we're able to just be
ourselves!  boundaries, the idea of conformity is becoming .......
Walk Into Your Closet:
What's in your closet..? your favorite staple pieces /
must haves, your go-to favorites 
Cropped denim jacket.. It's perfect for the cooler nights in Summer where you just
want something to drape over your shoulders and it'll keep you just warm enough
throughout Spring and Autumn. It really 'makes' an outfit. Dipped hem skirts are
so cute! They're a new take on the maxi/midi skirt and I think they work for
all shapes and sizes. Being little, a maxi skirt can sometimes drown me but this
is the perfect style. It goes with anything and can be dressed up
for the evening or down for the beach!
What Inspires your style..?

Accessories. I think they are so key in our style. Often I will put on one statement piece 
and then dress around it, dress FOR it. It might be a peter pan collar  an edgy
hand chain  or even hair feathers .. Find items that compliment it,
that clash, that draw focus.
Hells Or Kicks...?
In the Summer, as it's so hot in Malta I live in pretty sandals- sequins, spikes,
pearls- however I feel on that day. For a night out though I like to be glamorous but
comfortable so I turn to my trusty wedges. So much easier to walk in than heels,
cooler than boots and much more dressed up that sandals!..............
Color Safe or Bold..? 
Dress for your mood. I have days where I want to keep it
neutral and days where I want to just blow every ones minds...

What's your fashion statement..?

My fashion statement is that- I am me. I don't care whether others will love or 
hate it. I wont stick to a certain style, I'll mix it up. I'll do
whatever feels right for me, no compromises. 
Do you play it safe? or are you a fashion rebel..?
I really love New Look for affordable fashion with a range of styles. They have
something I don't deliberately rebel but I think the nature of doing whatever
you want is somewhat rebellious in itself. I'm never consciously 
playing it safe or rebelling. I just am. Some days my taste may seem
more tame, with neutrals or pastels, but other days I might be
covered in skulls and crosses, or mixing neons with crazy prints!
Shop Obsessed Some of your favorite fashion stores
for most tastes and moods with neons, pastels, denim, some edgier bits, some
pretty florals. Ebay is great for items you just can't find anywhere. I searched
high and low for spiked hand chains and found them on my first attempt
on Ebay! ASOS is also good for having a wide
range of styles and items to fit any budget. 
Dress Me Like : who are your our style icons..? 
Fearne Cotton; She's kinda rocky and edgy but always pretty and put together..
Jessie J; Never afraid to shock or push the boundaries....
Top Shelf : what are you into lately..? nails? colors,hair styles, what's
your top shelf item/fashion trend you are loving the most lately?. 
I love nails! I love bright neons and glitter and anything that packs a punch! 

I'm really into mixing up my hair right now too. I have naturally curly hair and
love going from Curly Wurly one day to Straight and Sleek the next, then 
throwing in another day of Beachy Waves, Colour Stripes and Feathers!
Style The Mannequin - How You Wear It Best : All
(one favorite focal item you love and can't live without..)
 Lipstick is so much more versatile than most people realise and it's perfect
for a natural but put together look in the Summer when you don't want to be
using a hundred different products. I keep the face simple with just a light foundation
(hello Bourjois Healthy Mix!) and some water proof mascara. I then pick a lipstick-
it could be something nude, peachy pink, or fuchsia. I apply a light wash of colour
to the lips and then dab a little on each cheek for blush, and blend with my fingers!
Start of lightly and add more and more until you have your desired strength
of colour. It gives a lovely dewy finish, saves adding yet another product
to your makeup bag and ties your whole look together beautifully
How amazing is Rhi..? I love how edgy and fun she styles herself. I am
also a fan of EBay and simply can't get enough.. Sincere thanks for stopping in
and sharing with my lovely friends today Rhi. Please stop in and get your
fix and more dose of Rhi via her awesome blog "The Otherside Of Cool"
Next Monday Sneak Peak
Guest Feature Via A Rosie Sweet Home
Stop in for an amazing shoe revamp tutorial from Rose! 

What Are YOU Wearing BEST This Week..?

Do you have any quick fun hair style tutorial to share..?
Do please.... I would LOVE to stop in and check out your closet findings..
Please share via linking to your stylish posts and join in the fun..
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Wishing you an amazing week.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Mannequin Mondays #3 ~ Indy Beauty & Hair

Happy Monday Lovely Friends.

**Welcome to another super creative Mannequin Monday **

Featured Guest : The Letter Four Blog

They Were Featured On Martha Stewart Show! How Cool..? Read their 
FAB story HERE!! So inspiring!! Super jealous....

If you aren't familiar with The Letter Four Blog, you are seriously missing out on a 
lot of fun, inspiration and some great everyday tips from family, DIY, personal 
fashion, photography and so much more. These ladies truly WOW me! They make 
me want more crafty sister's in my life.. lol! Truly take a moment to stop in. So 
much inspirations, charity work/causes, and a great blog to stay connected with. 
I am so thankful to have them stop in and share with us today.. 
Hope you stop in and get to be inspired and say hello!!
<<Quick Fun Inspiring Features From Last Week>>
Thanks to all the amazing blogs who took a moment to link last week. We were 
really excited and found so many great fashion trends and inspired posts all 
around! Here are a few that caught our eye & were most viewed!
1. Shirt To Skirt Via The Lovely A Rosie Sweet home - SO FABOULOUS!!
2. Super cute DIY Nails tutorial via the amazing So She Writes
3. Sunshine & Polka Dots ~ Super beautiful dress 
feature via Modern Modest Beauty..............
Without Further Due, Please Join Me In Welcoming
Little Bits And Pieces Janae....
Your style trait. 
Scarfs! Scarfs are the easiest way to add that little bit of extra cuteness to an outfit.
What are you wearing today? 
Indian inspired motif. I love the color palettes.
 Your Favorite Trends / Style Era & Why?
I am really into the flapper era right now. I just love the classiness 
of it and actually went to the prom as a flapper! 
Walk Into Your Closet:
You'll find a lot of quirky sweaters, scarfs, and a TON of accessories!
What Inspires your style..? 
You'll find a lot of quirky sweaters, scarfs, and a TON of accessories!
My daily routine is to NOT wash your hair every day! If you wash your hair 
everyday you're stripping it of it's natural oils. Wash it 2-3 times 
a week and you'll get beautiful shiny healthy hair!
Hells Or Kicks...?
.......go to footwear has got to be flats. 
Color Safe or Bold..?
I love to experiement. I would say go bold! Even if it's not right 
you're at least making an impression!
Shop Obsessed.....I pretty much get everything at Forever 21...
Dress Me Like ....Our Nana was CLASSY! I love v
intage photos of my nana she is definitely an inspiration.
Top Shelf..... I am loving the peachy lip I'm seeing 
everywhere, I had to get me some peachy lips :) 
Style The Mannequin - How You Wear It Best : 
My hair, since it's an unique color, my go to hairstyle is the beachy waves.
How to curl your hair my way. hair Tutorial

Video Tutorial ~ Beachy Waves Hair Styling

My sisters have been asking me how I get my hair to curl like it does, so I made a 
tutorial for them and whomever might want to view it! It's literally the fastest 
way I've ever curled my hair. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 
Song: Let's Groove by Earth, Wind, and Fire
Isn't She FABOLOUS..? OMGosh, that HAIR.. I just love it... Thanks SO much 
for stopping in today. I can't express enough thank you's.. You are too super GORG!!
Please take a moment ladies and check out The Letter Four Sister's!!!
They are truly some kinda wonderful and just full of inspirations!

What Are YOU Wearing BEST This Week..? 
Do you have any quick fun hair style tutorial to share..?
Do please.... I would LOVE to stop in and check out your closet findings.. 
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Wishing you an amazing week.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My new gig!

I got a sweet new gig! 

I will now be co-hosting Mannequin Mondays with one of my fave bloggy friends! 

The ArtsyGirl Connection

She is amazing from photography, to motherhood and our love for all things thrift! I'm so excited that she even considered me worthy! I can't wait to for everybloggy to see all the wonderful things we have in store! We will be featuring some of your favorite bloggers and giving you a better sneak peak to the girl behind the blog! Fashion, tips and just so good ole girl talk!! 

Stay tuned!! 

Today yours truly is being feature


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wearing summer whites!

Memorial day has passed and now its officially OK to bring out those whites again! 
Even though that's not a rule I follow! :) 

Nothing says summer to me more than a crisp white outfit! I can admit it isn't the most flattering color, but today I'm going to give you a few tips so you can't go wrong!

Tip #1 Never be to matchy-matchy with white, especially with accessories! I'm sorry, but I think it is NEVER OK to even owe a pair of white shoes, unless they are tennies!

Instead opt for shoes that complement your fit! Ashley Madekwe wearing a Zara shift dress looked amazing pairing it with a red clutch for a pop of color and black pumps! 

**Since shift dresses have no defined waist line they can soften any body type!

Tip #2 White jeans can be flattering on any body type and can be elongating! It's just about finding the perfect fit for you! 

Curvy Women: Find jeans with a stretch fabric! This will help contour your shape! Stay away from skinnies, instead try a boot cut or flare! Also pay close attention to the fit around the waist, if they are to tight or to big you could be making a style OH-NO!

Tip #3 Peasant skirts are out, the maxi skirt is in!!  There are so many ways to wear a maxi shirt! You can go boho or completely glam! Either way they are so stylish and super comfy!!

Pair with a white "beater" or a V-neck tee, belt, sandals, heels the possibilities are endless with this piece!

Tip #4 Chiffon is the new cotton! Don't grab that boring, cotton button down, instead go with chiffon! It is much more fresh! 

Don't think these blouses are for formal occasions only! They can be wore casually! Paired with those white jeans or some white shorts! To finish off this look, pop on some bright colored heels or a statement necklace! 

Tip #5 Be careful where your white goes! White has been known to be unflattering because it reflects light, making things appear larger! So try not to wear your brightest white on your largest area. Instead opt for darker shades of white on those areas!

Off white, cream or tan may help hide those problem areas!

Tips to always remember:

1.) Flesh color undergarments! A MUST!
2.) White hosiery is a sin
3.) I have to say this again..steer clear of white shoes!
4.) Carry a travel size strain remover (We all know white attracts everything!)
5.) Be confident in your white! Step out knowing you look good and aren't afraid of what your dry cleaning bill may be after! :)

Happy Thursday!!

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