Monday, October 31, 2011

A splash of pink...just for me!

Saturday is usually family day at the Alston residence!
This particular Saturday my husband asked if I wanted to stop at some of the thrift stores he use to go to!
I didn't even know he liked thrift stores...but I didn't ask any questions!
On our way out, we saw a garage sale and without even asking my wonderful husband turned around and stopped! I jumped out and seen this cabinet. It was only $10. I paid for it but since Eden was with us, I had to leave it!
Of course that cabinet was all I could think about, so early Sunday I went to pick it up!
It didn't really fit in the car, but I was determined!
I cut a leg off just to get it in the car!

With all the determination I had to pick the cabinet up that day, you would think I started on it that day! But it has been sitting in the garage for about a month! I got tired of my husband using it to pile junk on, so last week I tackled my first big painting project.

Here is the cabinet. I thought I had a better picture of the before...sorry!
I first had to attach the leg that I cut off. I did so with Gorilla wood glue and reinforced it with some screws

Next, I filled some of the dents with wood filler, then sanded the cabinet. I think I probably sanded it more than needed, but I just wanted to make sure I had a smooth finish.
 I applied my first coat of primer, using Kilz premium primer, I allowed it to dry over night, then lightly sanded it using 220 grit paper, and applied my second coat of primer. I also let that coat dry over night.

While the primer was drying I spray painted the hardware using  Restoleum metallic in gold
I didn't plan on doing this, but once I started painting I figured this cabinet would be a lot more useful with a shelf, So using some MDF we had I added an one!!

Now the fun part!! I spray painted on few coats of  Rustoleum white gloss, I saned in between coats because it's hard to get a consistent surface when spray painting large objects! I haven't figured out the trick to making it look even!
I would love to hear any suggestions!!

Once the paint was completely dry, I used a  Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane to solve this problem! The only thing I didn't like about this product was it gave the cabinet a yellow tint. So this will probably be my last time using this on a white piece!

Now the SURPRISE..
YAY...I love it! A little something just for me!
The pink is called bubblegum by Glidden



 Here is the old nightstand

Much better...right!?

Happy Monday!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coffee & Conversation Thursday Party #10

Happy Halloween Thursday to everyone! 

Welcome to Coffee & Conversation Thursday Party #10! 
We appreciate everyone who linked up last week and shared your
creative and crafty projects with us.

It's that time again --So grab your favorite
cup of joe and let's see what you got! Tell us all about a craft, a sewing
project, a recipe, a home decor project or just about anything! 

If you created it then you can link it!

Blog Spotlight:

Fall Lunch Table by Embellishments By SLR

Homemade Peanut Brittle (Microwave) by Our Delightful Home

Conversation Rules:

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2) Link to your specific post, not just to your blog. Also, be sure to
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4) Please keep things appropriate! I have
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5) Have fun and show lots of {love} to your fellow bloggers!

Special Note: By posting to my linky party, you understand and
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Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She is back!!!

Have you ever held on to something that you just couldn't throw away no matter how ugly it was!?

(Of course not!)

This mirror has been with me for a while now! It has been painted and painted over and over again! When I purchased it, I of course loved it, but over time and as my style changed the love for this mirror  had almost diminished! But mirrors are something you just don't throw up!
So it sat in the garage collecting dust!

It doesn't look as bad here, but the spray paint job was horrible! I know that was my fault, but I just had lost the interest in this piece! It had no character!

I'm really in love with the current trend of using natural wood. 

 How gorgeous is this coffee table!!?

With that said, I got the idea of what I would do with the mirror!
The wood on some old canvas would be perfect! I had about 4, so I torn them apart!

I took the frame that was around the mirror and spray painted it white.

 I layed the wood pieces down to measure them.
After measuring I used the jigsaw to cut them.

I was OK with the pieces not matching up perfectly. I even thought about sanding the edges down, but I liked it more a little rough.

Once I could fit them around the mirror frame, I glued them with the glue gun into place


I never realized how hard taking pictures of a mirror were!

 I love it again!!

She is hanging in the guess room!
I now have a clear vision of  how I want the room to look! 

Don't forget to link up to tomorrow's Coffee and Conversation Thursday!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A home for my computer!

Finally our closet office makeover is under way!

We (as in my husband!) kept putting off making a proper computer desk for the closet in our guest room. I'm a strong believer that unless you have a real office, computers should not be apart of your decor! So having our computer out in plain sight was not an option! I need to be able to see the computer when I need to use it, but hide it when it's not in use!

We lived in a condo prior to moving into our current home, and before Eden was born, we had a spare room that we used as my husband's office. When Miss Eden came along I was forced into putting the office in our dining room! It drove me a little crazy, but my husband promised to keep things nice and neat! The one good thing that did come out of moving the office to our dining room was watching my husband, who is in no way a Mr. Fix it, pick up power tools! There is something so sexy about seeing your husband do things around the house! 

So this project was nice because I got  to see Earl in action again!!

This was my inspiration

So in true Sherika style I have to show off the project before I've even finished it!
I have no patience! 

Remember this is what I was working with before! 

My husband hard at work! We already had an MDF board, so we just went ahead and used that for the desk.
Eden also had to get in on the fun!

Once the desk was already up I decided to add fabric to the wall because it was looking pretty boring! 
Using fabric I already had from Walmart for 1.99 a awesome is that!
I used small nails to put the fabric up

The best thing about this makeover, the four letter word... FREE!!!!

 I already had all of the materials!
 I covered some shoe boxes with contact paper for storage! I plan on making labels for the boxes!
The white boxes at the top are from Walmart.

 Here it is!!!

Have a great Saturday!!

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