Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eden's Christmas Room!

Here is a little preview of Eden's room 
All the decorations are from last year, I just remixed them a little! If you don't remember or didn't get to see her room last year here is a link so you can check it out!!

Since this is her last year as the only child I feel like I own it to her to make it kinda big! So there are a few more things in here I want to so! She probably won't remember, but I guess it's just Mommy guilt!

Hope every one is having a good hump day!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheap table makeover!

I've totally been slacking in the DIY department, but today for some reason I had a extra burst of energy, even while fighting a cold!

We have these little tables in the garage we use to use as our night stands. My husband bought them while we were dating to show off his design skills! While I applaus his effort, I couldn't wait to change them out (Shhhhh don't tell him!)

Even though I'm not in love with them, I hate to see any piece of furniture go to waste!!

So it's makeover time!!

It was a very easy, quick projecwt that didn't cost any money since I already had everything! Sorry this isn't a tutorial, but since your all are DIY pros I know you will totally understand how simple it was!

I first used a light coat or two of black spray paint, while it dried, I traced the top of the table with the fabric and cut it into a circle, I wanted to Mod Podge the fabric to the table, but didn't have enough so my trusty glue gun did the trick! Lastly with a hammer I placed my gold thumb tacks around the edge of the table! And...

Voila!! It was that easy! I love the outcome!

Now I just gotta find the extra energy to do the second one!!

Hope you enjoyed and had a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little life update!

Life at 6 months pregnant has been pretty good! Feeling great, but haven't accomplished much of anything! I have yet to make a purchase for the new little one, and really haven't had much of a urge too! Guess I don't have first mommy syndrome, I'm much more laid back this time! Also I think I want to enjoy every minute of Eden being the only child!

 She is growing up so fast, I still can't believe some days that she is already two years old. She is such a joy! Very smart, bright, bubbly and bossy...good luck to her little sister!

Speaking of the little Miss, we had a great time last night! I debated dressing her up because I didn't grow up doing the Halloween thing! I don't believe in glorifying evil and demonic things! But I understand the fun in dressing up and eating candy, so we took her to the library during the day and a church carnival at night! She had a blast!!

Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Hoping everybloggy is having a great week!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do over, re-do!

Do you remember the curtain I stenciled a while back? 

If you don't, take a look here!

I really liked the finished product, but I under estimated how hard it was going to be and only got around to doing one! 

Huge FAIL!! So since I only had one side done,  I had no choice but to get new curtains and the one finished curtain was put in the back of the closet!

Ok, NOW do you remember the ottoman makeover? Here is a little refresher!

I loved the way it came out, unfortunately, with a toddler it didn't last very long! Maybe I choose the wrong type of fabric because spot cleaning was kind of impossible! The blue would bled onto the white and it ended up looking a mess!

Now to the whole point of the story...

Tonight I was a little bored, and sitting on the couch looking at my horrible ottoman and thought something has to be done about this! I went in my closet in search of fabric I could use and pulled out the one stenciled curtain!!

Totally had an light bulb moment!

It came out perfect! 

Even failures can turn out to be success stories! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!!

I'll be partying here this week



Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess WHAT???!!

We found out the gender today!!!!

Baby was in a complete ball, feet by the head, so it took a little while but we found out

We're having a...

We're having a GIRL!!!!

 The moment Eden realized she wasn't gonna be the only child! :(

"Where balloon go?"

20 weeks 

SO excited to meet my lil girl!! I think I'm even more excited for Eden to have a sister! She is gonna be an awesome be sister...a little bossy, but definitely a little mommy and big helper!

Three will soon become four!!

Hope every bloggy is having an awesome weekend!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BIG news!!!

It has been way to long! I have really missed you guys! 

Ok, time to spill the beans, I have been holding out on you for way to long!!!

Here's a few hints

Guess yet??!!

Yup, I'm pregnant!! AHHHHH!!! LOL! I'm so excited that Eden is going to be a big sister, but totally scared straight at the same time! 

I'm 18 weeks now, and let me tell you, it has been a longggg few months! I found out when I was about 4 weeks, even thought after Eden I prayed that I would never find out that early again! And lucky me the sickness hit at 5 weeks! I mean the SICKNESS of all SICKNESSES!! I couldn't even get out of bed most days and forget keeping anything down! Even water was my worst enemy! Thankfully my brother was here and was a totally lifesaver! He went grocery shopping, did the cooking and entertained Eden! I totally owe him my right arm for keeping my house together during my leave of absence!! 

The first picture of the pregnancy test was the picture I sent my husband, with the caption, "Will you be my baby daddy again?" Funny thing was, he was in the next room when I texted him! I thought he would come out with open arms and give me a huge embrace, instead I stood in the hall way waiting and nothing! Finally I went in the room he was in and he was sitting with a smile on his face sending the same picture I just sent him to almost everyone in his contact list telling them his son was on the way! I wasn't in the least bit thrilled about that stunt! After crying about how that wasn't the way I wanted to tell people and that I was completely not ready at 4 weeks to tell anyone, he apologized, hugged me, then said how excited he was to have a son! LOL! MEN! 

I finally got over all my sickness and got my energy back about 2 weeks ago! I feel human again! I am now totally enjoying the pregnancy and looking forward to soon finding out the gender!

Life is good! 

Yesterday I got three wisdom teeth pulled and four filings and woke u this morning feeling pretty good, even went and got my nails done! 


Now to tackle all the other billion things on my to-do list, moving and continuing to make sure Eden is fully potty trained are just a few! LOL!

Hope is all well with you and that you had an awesome summer!!

I can't wait to take a look around bloggy world and see what everybloggy is up too!!



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