Friday, September 30, 2011

Entryway Update!

Our entryway is coming along!

Am I the only one who feels like no matter how much work and effort I put into a room it's never done!?
I'm loving what is currently in there now, just need to add a few more things!

SO many different choices and combinations! 

Please excuse the drawings...I, in no way claim to be an artist! Just wanted you to see what's currently in my head!

This is where the progress is now!

I just feel its missing something!

Any suggestions??

 Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Falling into Fall!

I'm really trying to get inspiration for my fall decor...and having a little trouble!

I have been searching other blogs for some help, I'm seeing some incredible fall decor and creations! While it's totally amazing me, its making me even more confused on what to do in my own home!
I knew I needed to do something to get me in the fall mood...with the help of my FAVE candy...CANDY CORN! I'm almost there!

I'm not totally in love with this wreath, but hey, its a start!

The red frame is a year around thing, I added a hook to it so I could change out wreaths and other things easily. 

 I used a straw craft wreath ($2.50 at Michaels)
gold jewelry wire ( I already had)
Some artificial flowers and leafs ($1 ea @ dollar tree)

I do plan on adding some yellow flowers on each side of the day!

Hopefully this weekend I will be inspired to do some more things around the house!


 It's almost Friday...YAY!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Today is Eden's Birthday!!

Where did this year go! I remember like it was yesterday when I found out I was pregnant! I remember all my excitement, along with my concerns and worries! Wondering if I would be a good mom, and how me and Earl's relationship would change.
Well thankfully a year later, I'm so proud to say I have the best child ever! I know ALL parents say that, but she is such a delight! She is the happiest kid I have ever met, and has been that way since birth! She loves people, smiles all the time, and loves to sleep (Thank GOD!)
I'm also thankful for the awesome pregnancy I had with her! Labor and delivery wasn't as scary as I thought it would be either! In labor for 12 hours, pushed less than 30 minutes and the pain was far less painful than all the horror stories you always hear about! Kinda makes me nervous to have a 2nd...cause Eden was just to easy!

Here's to one year down and A LOT more to go!!

Happy Birthday Baby!

 Mommy LOVES you beyond words!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Please take a bow!

Eden's closet is beginning to take over, and in need of some serious organization!

I didn't realize it until after making her new laundry basket and trying to find a place for it to go!
She has a lot of EVERYTHING, but especially hair accessories!

Eden painted a few canvas pictures for her daddy for Father's day, and while one is hanging on the wall, I couldn't figure out what exactly to do with the other one...Until now!!

Using some scrap pieces of ribbon, I got out my trusty glue gun and began to attach them to the back of the canvas. I reinforced them with some nails just in case Eden got to it!

Eden thought I took those out for her to play with! PS the glue gun wasn't plugged in yet :)

Make sure the ribbons are spread apart enough so the bows aren't overlapping each other.

A very easy and useful project! I used a canvas but you can use just about anything to attach the ribbon to, wood, fabric, get creative and use something personal to you and your daughter! 

Now I'm looking for a way to organize her hand bands...any ideas?
I attached to the door with Velcro
PSS We had a great Saturday at our first Pumpkin Patch!

ENJOY and Happy Saturday!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

 I really didn't have a new project planned for today, although coming up with something on the spot is so easy for me to do!
While sitting folding Eden's laundry, I noticed that I could use her laundry basket for another area in the house. The problem with that was she would no longer have a basket for her room!

Then, I remembered the box my husband just brought home from a cash registered he just purchased for his shop...

Problem solved!!
This use to be her laundry basket

Here is the box I had to work with...I started off using a pink curtain, but decided to go with a pink zebra print fabric I used to make a picture board for birthday present.
I wrapped the box with the fabric just like you would do a present and added some ribbon on the inside. 

The letter L and some more ribbon give it a little personal touch!  

There you go...I used the glue gun of course for this project, expect for the letter, I used Velcro for that just in case I decide to just the box for something else!

The best part...this project was totally free since I had all the materials already!

Happy Friday Guys!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let me catch my breathe!

This has been one crazy week...and it's only Wednesday!
Monday night before putting Eden to bed I noticed she felt a bit warm, I took her temperature and once I saw it was only about 98 degrees, I shrugged it off as me just being a paranoid mom. Well, returning home Tuesday after running a few errands and visiting a friend's new baby boy, Eden was very whiny and following me around the house. I picked her up and noticed she was burning hot.  Immediately I turned into Super MOM! (It's weird how in those moments you know exactly what to do!) I took her temperature, called my mom, her pediatrician and my husband (Yes, in that order) all in the same breath! I packed a bag and was off to the ER! With a temperature of 102.7 I knew something was wrong with Eden!
Once getting to the hospital, we quickly discovered that this would be our LAST trip here! The hospital will remain nameless, but let's just say I would have felt more clean sitting in a pile of mud! We contemplated leaving, but I was just focused on getting my child seen by someone.
Long story even longer, we waited almost 2 1/2 hours, then once we finally got called back, the doctor asked what I had given her, when I replied nothing, she snapped at me for not trying to treat the fever myself! BOY, did she just make a BIG mistake! Not only did I see the germs throwing a party in my family's immune system from sitting in their waiting room, and this being my child's first sickness, and waiting for as long as we did...I just about lost it! 
But on the bright side
Eden's temperature is down, she is taking antibiotics for her ear infection and she is sleeping peacefully! I on the other hand, am far from feeling at peace! I didn't get to cook dinner, haven't finished disinfecting the germs that I know we brought home with us, and haven't had time to even brush my teeth, which I will be sure to do as soon as I hear my husband's car pull into the drive way! Not to mention the a laundry list of unfinished projects around the house that are haunting me...And Eden's birthday is next Tuesday!!!
However, I did get a one thing checked off my list. 
I finished cleaning out the coat closet, and I only did that because you could no longer get in and out of the house from the laundry room due to the closet throwing up my junk!
While cleaning I found this basket that was given to me by a friend who used it to drop off some crafting material!

I couldn't let it go to waste! So in true Sherika style...I had to bring it back to life!

I used Krylon's classic grey in gloss and for the white used their acrylic enamel semi gloss!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday...Now back to my madness!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

I LOVE shutterfly!

Brocade White Pink 5x7 folded card
Shutterfly custom Valentines Day and Mother's Day cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Drab to FAB!!

I kinda inherited this console table when we moved into our home!
It worked perfectly fine for what we needed, but definitely was in need of a face lift!

  I first sanded it, then used Krylon's dual primer and paint

And Here's she is in all her Fabulousness!

The entryway is starting to look pretty good! 
I'm still in need of a rug and I probably will end up adding a little something to those boring lamp shapes!


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