Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Today is Eden's Birthday!!

Where did this year go! I remember like it was yesterday when I found out I was pregnant! I remember all my excitement, along with my concerns and worries! Wondering if I would be a good mom, and how me and Earl's relationship would change.
Well thankfully a year later, I'm so proud to say I have the best child ever! I know ALL parents say that, but she is such a delight! She is the happiest kid I have ever met, and has been that way since birth! She loves people, smiles all the time, and loves to sleep (Thank GOD!)
I'm also thankful for the awesome pregnancy I had with her! Labor and delivery wasn't as scary as I thought it would be either! In labor for 12 hours, pushed less than 30 minutes and the pain was far less painful than all the horror stories you always hear about! Kinda makes me nervous to have a 2nd...cause Eden was just to easy!

Here's to one year down and A LOT more to go!!

Happy Birthday Baby!

 Mommy LOVES you beyond words!!

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