Saturday, October 22, 2011

A home for my computer!

Finally our closet office makeover is under way!

We (as in my husband!) kept putting off making a proper computer desk for the closet in our guest room. I'm a strong believer that unless you have a real office, computers should not be apart of your decor! So having our computer out in plain sight was not an option! I need to be able to see the computer when I need to use it, but hide it when it's not in use!

We lived in a condo prior to moving into our current home, and before Eden was born, we had a spare room that we used as my husband's office. When Miss Eden came along I was forced into putting the office in our dining room! It drove me a little crazy, but my husband promised to keep things nice and neat! The one good thing that did come out of moving the office to our dining room was watching my husband, who is in no way a Mr. Fix it, pick up power tools! There is something so sexy about seeing your husband do things around the house! 

So this project was nice because I got  to see Earl in action again!!

This was my inspiration

So in true Sherika style I have to show off the project before I've even finished it!
I have no patience! 

Remember this is what I was working with before! 

My husband hard at work! We already had an MDF board, so we just went ahead and used that for the desk.
Eden also had to get in on the fun!

Once the desk was already up I decided to add fabric to the wall because it was looking pretty boring! 
Using fabric I already had from Walmart for 1.99 a awesome is that!
I used small nails to put the fabric up

The best thing about this makeover, the four letter word... FREE!!!!

 I already had all of the materials!
 I covered some shoe boxes with contact paper for storage! I plan on making labels for the boxes!
The white boxes at the top are from Walmart.

 Here it is!!!

Have a great Saturday!!

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  1. Go Earl!
    Is that the secret to getting him to do some work for you??? Saying it's sexy? I'll give it a shot! LOL

  2. Very very cute! You guys did a wonderful job! Also, expect an email from me soon. I would love to do a feature on you, as next month I am beginning a series to showcase my awesome readers:)

  3. Thank you Latoya! I would love to be featured...I look forward to your email!

  4. Hi Sherika! Just stopping by to see what you were creating. This is a great 'dupe' of your inspiration photo! You guys did a great job! Love the mason jars as holders!! Very creative!! Props to your hubby for the work he did, as well! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Sherika ~ It turned out so cute! Here's a thought (mine) : ). I would find some yellow ribbon or yellow fabric (and tear it in 2' strips) and wrap it around the wooden dowel/bar. It would add a pop of color and match your chair. Love your blog and Eden is adorable! ~ Jo

  6. Sherika:

    Your office turned out fabulous! You guys did a wonderful job.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  7. That is great. Such an awesome use of space.


  8. that's for sharing this! i need to make myself a space to create in. this is wonderful inspiration!

  9. I love the closet office! You are inspiring me to clean out my closet. I can't exactly fit my workspace in there but Hey! a clean safe is a better space.

  10. What a great makeover!! I'm jealous!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  11. Hi Sherika! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and leaving such a nice comment. This closet/office makeover is fantastic. The closet looks so much bigger for some reason maybe because the wall is being utilized for storage. Great idea!

  12. Your closet/office turned out amazing! I really like your pin/chalk/magnet board too! I've got to try this!


I love reading all your comments! Thanks so much!

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