Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sherika and Stripes!

Last week I had a SHERIKA day!!
I was feeling a little overwhelmed and had a mini breakdown. Now looking back I don't exactly know why, but it felt good just to get a good cry out! 
My husband freaked out a little cause it came out of nowhere and he had absolutely no clue what was going on. Of course, he thought he did something wrong! I assured him it was all me and told him I felt guilty for needing a "break!"
Long story even longer, he told me anytime I was feeling like that to just let him know and he would help in anyway he could. 

So we coined the term, Sherika day!
This day I can just be me, not mommy or wife, and I don't have to feel guilty for it!
It was a big relief to express how I was feeling and for him to understand!

So on this day I tried to get in everything possible that I could!
 Shopping, nails, movies, eating out and not worrying about sippy cups and diaper changes in the back seat! (Please tell me I'm not the only mother who does that!!)
It was a great day! 

On my adventure I walked around a place in our city called antique village! 

Just one of the awesome stores!
 It's wonderful!! 
A whole street with nothing but beautiful old shops, with amazing treasures. Room after room of gorgeous pieces old and new!
I found this little ottoman, stool, or whatever you want to call it! It was only 8 dollars so I grabbed it!!

The fabric was $1.50 a yard at Walmart!!
I used Krylon's classic grey in gloss

I didn't have painter I used electrical tape to spray on the stripe! Who knew it would actually work great!!


Happy Thursday!!

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  1. Very cute Sherika and girl can I relate! Its so nice to have a day to yourself it almost seems unreal after its over. Glad you got some "me" time, it paid off in a very creative way;)!

  2. Sherika you are not the only mom who has felt that way. We as moms NEED a day to ourselves.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. Oh how I can relate! Having some time to replenish all you have giving out is certainly needed. Shopping helps ;-)

  4. I know what you mean.. Its simply unreal to have a day for yourself.. It always seem so to get so busy..


I love reading all your comments! Thanks so much!

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