Friday, December 9, 2011

{F.T.H.B} Peppermint White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

As I love to share this time of year, my
favorite things to share are holiday recipes. I love to try new foods and
share some of my favorites with others. This year I am going to re-share
one of my favorite holiday cookies with you but with a little twist.
Earlier this year, I created a post with
White Chocolate PB Cookies!
These are my favorite holiday cookies
because they are so simple and easy and make a elegant gift for friends
and family. Your friends and family will think that you slaved away in
the kitchen to create these rich and tasty treats.
To make the Peppermint White Chocolate PB Cookies, simply follow
the recipe for the WC PB Cookies and before the chocolate has time to
set, sprinkle crushed pepperming bits on top of each cookie. Here is a
quick picture to show the finished cookie.
Also, with any left over white chocolate
you can easily create Peppermint Bark.


Melt remaining white chocolate and combine
with crush pepperment pieces {some pieces can be chunky as this will creat
a little texture in the bark}. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and
spread the bark mixture in the pan. Chill until set {about 45 mins}.
Break pieces off of the larger candy sheet to create uneven chunks of
candy {like peanut brittle}.
Peppermint Bark!

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  1. These look sooo good! I am going to have to make these! :) I love your blog and became a follower! :)


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