Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm obsessed...

I've said this before but, when I like something....I LIKE something! LOL!

So today I'm going to share all my current obsessions!

Starting with (Drumroll Please!).... 


An app I found that is all about poses! Fashion, hair, accessories, nails anything that you love, inspired you, want or have! Oh I just LOVE this app!

Of course you know this one...(since I just told you!)


Curly, short, long, straight! I pretty much love them all! Especially making them!

This one may seem a little weird since I just told you I love wigs...BUT

Natural Hair 
is another one of my obsessions! This is the reason I got into wigs! I'm all bout strong, healthy hair! I'm achieving this by wearing wigs! Not to mention there is so much creativity that comes with wearing natural hair!!

Lastly, I think is...

NEON colors!

Definitely a Spring must have!!

Oh wait one more! How could I forget this! 

Hair, skin, makeup (especially NYX lipsticks and matte gloss!) I have never been a product junkie until now!!

OK, I think that is it now! ;)

Well I hope you all enjoyed all the wonderful things I'm OCD about right now! I'm sure this list will grow!

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. LOL.. I am not as obsessive as you with some of these but I have to agree it's close to it.. Not so much youtube, but I LOVE black and white and uuum i'm a huge product junkie, so badly that I can't watch infomercials.. lollol.. I love Neon's too, just bought a cute skirt from Urban Outfitters that's toally green / neon like, I LOVE it.. lol.. Great post.. Missed ya..


I love reading all your comments! Thanks so much!

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