Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wearing summer whites!

Memorial day has passed and now its officially OK to bring out those whites again! 
Even though that's not a rule I follow! :) 

Nothing says summer to me more than a crisp white outfit! I can admit it isn't the most flattering color, but today I'm going to give you a few tips so you can't go wrong!

Tip #1 Never be to matchy-matchy with white, especially with accessories! I'm sorry, but I think it is NEVER OK to even owe a pair of white shoes, unless they are tennies!

Instead opt for shoes that complement your fit! Ashley Madekwe wearing a Zara shift dress looked amazing pairing it with a red clutch for a pop of color and black pumps! 

**Since shift dresses have no defined waist line they can soften any body type!

Tip #2 White jeans can be flattering on any body type and can be elongating! It's just about finding the perfect fit for you! 

Curvy Women: Find jeans with a stretch fabric! This will help contour your shape! Stay away from skinnies, instead try a boot cut or flare! Also pay close attention to the fit around the waist, if they are to tight or to big you could be making a style OH-NO!

Tip #3 Peasant skirts are out, the maxi skirt is in!!  There are so many ways to wear a maxi shirt! You can go boho or completely glam! Either way they are so stylish and super comfy!!

Pair with a white "beater" or a V-neck tee, belt, sandals, heels the possibilities are endless with this piece!

Tip #4 Chiffon is the new cotton! Don't grab that boring, cotton button down, instead go with chiffon! It is much more fresh! 

Don't think these blouses are for formal occasions only! They can be wore casually! Paired with those white jeans or some white shorts! To finish off this look, pop on some bright colored heels or a statement necklace! 

Tip #5 Be careful where your white goes! White has been known to be unflattering because it reflects light, making things appear larger! So try not to wear your brightest white on your largest area. Instead opt for darker shades of white on those areas!

Off white, cream or tan may help hide those problem areas!

Tips to always remember:

1.) Flesh color undergarments! A MUST!
2.) White hosiery is a sin
3.) I have to say this again..steer clear of white shoes!
4.) Carry a travel size strain remover (We all know white attracts everything!)
5.) Be confident in your white! Step out knowing you look good and aren't afraid of what your dry cleaning bill may be after! :)

Happy Thursday!!


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