Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheap table makeover!

I've totally been slacking in the DIY department, but today for some reason I had a extra burst of energy, even while fighting a cold!

We have these little tables in the garage we use to use as our night stands. My husband bought them while we were dating to show off his design skills! While I applaus his effort, I couldn't wait to change them out (Shhhhh don't tell him!)

Even though I'm not in love with them, I hate to see any piece of furniture go to waste!!

So it's makeover time!!

It was a very easy, quick projecwt that didn't cost any money since I already had everything! Sorry this isn't a tutorial, but since your all are DIY pros I know you will totally understand how simple it was!

I first used a light coat or two of black spray paint, while it dried, I traced the top of the table with the fabric and cut it into a circle, I wanted to Mod Podge the fabric to the table, but didn't have enough so my trusty glue gun did the trick! Lastly with a hammer I placed my gold thumb tacks around the edge of the table! And...

Voila!! It was that easy! I love the outcome!

Now I just gotta find the extra energy to do the second one!!

Hope you enjoyed and had a wonderful day!!!

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