Friday, August 26, 2011

OH what a day, what a deal!

Today, Eden and I set off for the grocery store...but came home with a lot more than food!

Even though the grocery store and my fave antique store are nowhere close to each other, I just had to make a little pit stop!

Finders Keepers is the name of the antique store and when you step foot in there, it's almost like walking into Heaven! Odds and ends, bells and whistles, and room after room of so many treasures! 

I was in search of mirrors for a wall I'm working on. I currently have a pretty sorry wall of mirrors, but I'm hoping it can be as awesome as Vintage Revivals Mandi's wall of mirrors! Its a work in progress but I'm very excited for its final reveal!

For now, I will show you its current state!

                  I also found two display pieces for my kitchen.
oval mirror $15, rectangle mirror $8 wine cooler $5

Plate $5
Overall today was a great day and I even eventually made it to the grocery store.


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