Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

 I really didn't have a new project planned for today, although coming up with something on the spot is so easy for me to do!
While sitting folding Eden's laundry, I noticed that I could use her laundry basket for another area in the house. The problem with that was she would no longer have a basket for her room!

Then, I remembered the box my husband just brought home from a cash registered he just purchased for his shop...

Problem solved!!
This use to be her laundry basket

Here is the box I had to work with...I started off using a pink curtain, but decided to go with a pink zebra print fabric I used to make a picture board for birthday present.
I wrapped the box with the fabric just like you would do a present and added some ribbon on the inside. 

The letter L and some more ribbon give it a little personal touch!  

There you go...I used the glue gun of course for this project, expect for the letter, I used Velcro for that just in case I decide to just the box for something else!

The best part...this project was totally free since I had all the materials already!

Happy Friday Guys!!


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