Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let me catch my breathe!

This has been one crazy week...and it's only Wednesday!
Monday night before putting Eden to bed I noticed she felt a bit warm, I took her temperature and once I saw it was only about 98 degrees, I shrugged it off as me just being a paranoid mom. Well, returning home Tuesday after running a few errands and visiting a friend's new baby boy, Eden was very whiny and following me around the house. I picked her up and noticed she was burning hot.  Immediately I turned into Super MOM! (It's weird how in those moments you know exactly what to do!) I took her temperature, called my mom, her pediatrician and my husband (Yes, in that order) all in the same breath! I packed a bag and was off to the ER! With a temperature of 102.7 I knew something was wrong with Eden!
Once getting to the hospital, we quickly discovered that this would be our LAST trip here! The hospital will remain nameless, but let's just say I would have felt more clean sitting in a pile of mud! We contemplated leaving, but I was just focused on getting my child seen by someone.
Long story even longer, we waited almost 2 1/2 hours, then once we finally got called back, the doctor asked what I had given her, when I replied nothing, she snapped at me for not trying to treat the fever myself! BOY, did she just make a BIG mistake! Not only did I see the germs throwing a party in my family's immune system from sitting in their waiting room, and this being my child's first sickness, and waiting for as long as we did...I just about lost it! 
But on the bright side
Eden's temperature is down, she is taking antibiotics for her ear infection and she is sleeping peacefully! I on the other hand, am far from feeling at peace! I didn't get to cook dinner, haven't finished disinfecting the germs that I know we brought home with us, and haven't had time to even brush my teeth, which I will be sure to do as soon as I hear my husband's car pull into the drive way! Not to mention the a laundry list of unfinished projects around the house that are haunting me...And Eden's birthday is next Tuesday!!!
However, I did get a one thing checked off my list. 
I finished cleaning out the coat closet, and I only did that because you could no longer get in and out of the house from the laundry room due to the closet throwing up my junk!
While cleaning I found this basket that was given to me by a friend who used it to drop off some crafting material!

I couldn't let it go to waste! So in true Sherika style...I had to bring it back to life!

I used Krylon's classic grey in gloss and for the white used their acrylic enamel semi gloss!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday...Now back to my madness!


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