Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eden gets a new Ottoman!!

As if I didn't have enough of unfinished projects around the house I started yet another one!

Today I ordered Eden some fabric for some drapes that she needs desperately in her room! I hung some that I already had just to see if I liked that color, and while doing so, I noticed the ottoman looked oddly out of place! 
I love Fabric.com, I recently ordered fabric to make drapes for the master as well!
 I received the ottoman as a gift from my mama when I was living my college years and going through a purple and pink stage of my life! If it wasn't for my husband...I would probably still be there! (LOL!)

While I love that I can pass something my mother gave me to my daughter, it needed to be changed just alittle!

What better way than to cover it!?

I didn't sew anything...just used my trusty glue gun!

Both fabrics are from some old curtains I already had! 
(I'm kinda obsessed with drapery!)

1.) I cut the fabric for the top of the ottoman in a circle
2.) next I attached the second fabric, I did so with the glue gun.

Mistake #1 I didn't want to make this a permanent cover, but I realized that I had to keep it from moving and slipping off the ottoman. So I put a dab of glue on the actual ottoman just to keep it in place!

3.) I folded the the pink fabric over itself to give a ruffled effect! 
4.) Sorry, I didn't measure how far apart I did each fold! I just made sure each one was about a finger space apart.
5.) lastly I added a ribbon to hide the glue and cause its cute!

I didn't show a picture, but I trimmed the bottom of the pink fabric and added a bow!

Now for Eden's inspection!

YUP...She loves it!!

(PS I do plan to get that darn wrinkle out!)

See you tomorrow!


  1. cute idea! Your daughter is gorgeous!! Newest follower!

  2. Thank you Stacy! I will be sure to return the favor!!

  3. How absolutely precious is your little girl?! Loving the ottoman. New follower :) Stop by and give us a visit @ http://everything-underthemoon.blogspot.com. I host a linky party on Mondays (through Wednesday evening). Would love for you to link up some of your projects next week!

  4. Thanks Nikki! I will definitely check out your site and link up!!


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