Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall decorating finally done...almost!!


Candy Corn is my FAVE!

The wreath was very simple
1.) Wrap your wreath with fabric or ribbon
2.) Pick a pattern for the candy corn
3.) Apply candy corn to the front, out and inside of your wreath
4.) ENJOY!

 This is my first time ever decorating for a holiday other than Christmas!
I'm totally a newbie at this!
Looking at other blogs, I feel a little ashamed because so many others went totally out, and had so many creative ideas!

But don't worry, next year I'll be ready! :)



  1. Encantador blog el tuyo,
    es un placer pasar por tu casa.
    feliz semana.

  2. This is very lovely. I would love for you to share your projects on my blog --

  3. I wish it was Fall over here so I could do some Autumnal decorating! It is Spring over here so I am starting to put all of my Autumn things away.

    Best wishes and happy Fall!


I love reading all your comments! Thanks so much!

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