Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gold rush!

I'm currently in a gold and wood stage in my life!

I either want everything glamorous gold or rustic wood, my husband is probably happy for the masculinity that has suddenly come in to play!

I have a few lamps around the house that really needed some sprucing up! 

These lamps are in our entryway, something about them just didn't seem finished. They are pretty, and I love the shine, But I wanted glam!
Of course there isn't anything a little spray paint can't fix!

Rustoleum metallic in gold, changed the look!

With the help of some ribbon I found at Walmart

 I think this is definitely the effect I was looking for!!

While I was at it...I hooked this baby up too!

I couln't find any painters tape in the house! Electrical tape seemed to work just fine!

 A little spray...


 I'm smiling just looking at them!!

Happy Almost Turkey day!!
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  1. Oh I love what you did with your lamps Sherika...but I have to tell you that I have the same lamp base only I bought it in gold and thought about spray painting it silver!! Yours look great. And I have also been wanting to do what you did with your lamp shade...now I am inspired!
    Wonderful post...I am your newest follower!

  2. Hey there spray paint friend!!! I totally LOVE the results!!! I'm a bit green with envy over that elephant though! Where did you get him!?!? I'm so glad to know about your place!!! I'm your newest follower!!!

    Hugs, Aimee @ ItsOverflowing.com

  3. Sherika! Great job-love all of it :)

  4. Ok girl you have skills and is very creative. Yours lamps are beautiful nice job.

  5. Yeah, I am with you on that, the gold does look good:) I've been pondering painting my diy sunburst in my bedroom a gold color...who knows what I will do in there next. It looks great:)

  6. Love what you did to the lamps Sherika! The pattern on the last one is so sharp!

  7. those are fabulous! the gold is so much more glamorous- and i love what you did with the shades!

  8. I normally gravitate toward silver rather than gold, but I really love the lamp update! I think the lamps "pop" more. Great job! :)

  9. Sherika, your lamps look fabulous! I really like the pattern you created. Nice work being resourceful with the electrical tape.

  10. Nice blog you've got there Sherika! Loving the combination of white and gold myself! Thanks for visiting. Followed you too!
    Love, Olga

  11. Fab redo!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  12. Gorrrrgeous!! The pattern you made on the shade is fab! I love gold too :)
    I haven't braved spray paint yet, but I can't wait to try. Is it easy? I'm still trying to figure out where to do it since we're in an apartment.

  13. Stunning! The hammered lamps have an Egyptian vibe that I love!

  14. I usually prefer silver, but I think the gold looks really glam with the table and mirror. And I love the gold lamp shade! It looks amazing! Spray paint is the greatest!

    Stopping by from Lil Luna Link Party!

  15. Sherika, I love your lamp makeovers! They look so pretty! I would love for you to share this at my party! http://theshadyporch.blogspot.com

  16. Great job on both lamps! I love the gold!

  17. I think I am going to have to give one our lampshades that treatment!

  18. I love what a little spray paint can do! Looks fabulous! So glad you linked up with us!



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