Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to not stencil curtains!

So, I had the great idea to stencil my living room curtains!

It seemed like a great idea, easy, fun and cheap! Cheap being my favorite word, but it definitely wasn't fun or easy! Ok, maybe a little fun at first and I love the finished product, unfortunately I ended up hand painting it, not using a stencil! 

I first found the stencil I wanted online...I don't know if that's considered stealing!? If so I'm really sorry! 

I cut out the stencil and got started tracing it with a pencil

 Then a marker

This process became a little harder than I expected! Guess that's what I get for reading all the other blogs and seeing how easy they stenciled their curtains and thinking, I can do that! HA!

Take two: Thinking I was smarter than the average bear, I covered my (paper) stencil with tape thinking I could just paint over it! HA

I didn't like how it was coming out...AT ALL! 
Take three: I grabbed a bottle of my favorite kid past time...puff paint and got to work! 

So glad I didn't give up....

I mixed artificial paint and fabric paint and when it was dry lightly went over it with a warm iron.

 Now can something come help do the other side!!

Rule of life # 46 buy a real stencil or just get new curtains!

 Happy Wednesday Loves!!



  1. I'm glad you didn't give up either, they look fabulous.

  2. They look great! I have a love-hate relationship with stencils!
    I love what they do, I am just not patient! I like to see things done quick!
    You did an awesome job girl!

    btw you have a new follower now too! ;)

  3. Sherika, you are just a bundle of talent!! Girl, you have waaaaaay more patience than I will ever have!! And as a result, you have amazing drapes! LOL! Great job!

  4. I'm happy you did not give up! Thanks for sharing your process.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  5. Your drapes turned out great, I'm sure you smile every day you look at them!

  6. This is super creative..I love LOVE it.. I have a Pin'Inspirational party happening right now I'd LOVE for you to link this to please..? TY so much.. Wishing you a great start to your weekend..

  7. I think they turned out great, despite all of your frustration. I love geometric patterns!

  8. Ahh the lessons that we learn after the project is over. It turned out great. Keep steam to do the other side.

  9. love the "rule of life" :) I don't know how often I ask myself if a project is worth it! But your drapes turned out gorgeous :)


I love reading all your comments! Thanks so much!

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