Monday, November 14, 2011

A table of Love!

It's our third year anniversary week!

So the next few days will be dedicated to celebrating three years to my marriage and wonderful husband!
Boy, if I could give advice or even half of what I have learned about myself, marriage and life over the last three years, it would be more like a book than a blog post! If the me now could tell myself anything the night before I got married, I would say that I believe one of the keys to a successful marriage is to not focus so much on what you will want your future husband to be or how you will need him to change, but to be the best wife, friend, and lover you can. Despise of how you feel! That some day's you are gonna have to try real hard to remind yourself of why you not only love him, but why you even like him, and that's ok! I would tell that girl who was completely head over heels smitten that marriage is one of the best things that will ever happen to you in your lifetime, but it doesn't come with its hardship, and sacrifice! The last thing I would tell that 25 year old girl is to enjoy each other, to love hard and pick your battles, because most of them you won't even be able to remember in the morning!

NOW...on to the wonderful thing (I think it's pretty wonderful!) I made to celebrate!

When we were dating I was so creative with gifts and expressing my love, so I kinda wanted to do something unexpected!

My first table!


I used a wood beam and MDF. Measured the size I needed, cut and nailed it together, pretty simple!
I screwed it into the wall just to secure it from a certain 13 month old! :)

 I used mod podge (my new fave!) for the top! The pages are from a book I bought when me and my husband were dating! I originally purchased it to used in a scrapbook I made him, so it's kinda special!!

Here is what the space looked like before

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

Today I will be celebrating at these parties


The Girl Creative

Boogieboard Cottage

Making Monday Marvelous Linky Party


  1. Happy belated anniversary!

    Table looks great :)


  2. First of all congrats on your third year! I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Some days I look at my husband and be like you knoow I don't like you right lol. And he says that's ok because you love me! Secondly, that table is super cool! You are definitely a rock star in the diy game!

  3. Very nice and creative! My four year anniversary is in January. Time for me to start planning. He is one lucky man.

  4. Oh wow.. Congrats on your third year.. That is such a lovely post..

    And the table is stunning.. wow!!

  5. awww so SWEET! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing on Kammy's Korner!


I love reading all your comments! Thanks so much!

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