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Mannequin Monday #7

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Mannequin Monday #7

<<< Featured Guest : So She Writes Blog >>>

If you aren't familiar with my lovely guest here today, you outta stop in pronto
and get a load of the beautiful and talented Dre. She's such a fashion doll, I LOVE 
all her wonderful fashion tips, her nail guru insiders, and her fun personality. So 
excited to have her here today. Look out for a FAB nail tutorial at the 
very bottom of her post. LOVE IT.. Thanks SO much again Drea! Xo!
<<Quick Fun Inspiring Features From Last Week>>
Thanks to all the amazing blogs who took a moment to link last week. We were 
really excited and found so many great fashion trends and inspired posts all 
around! Here are a few that caught our eye & were most viewed!
1.Ribbon Holder ~ What a great DIY project to help get organized! LOVE this!
Linked Via The Messy Root Blog ~ Upcycled Ribbon Holder .. 
2. Who Wear's Short Shorts..? She Does! Super Cute Way To
Wear Your Shorts This Summer!  Linked Via
Eleven 19 Blog.. Simply Love Her!
So She Writes.. All About Dre
& A Fun Stylish Nail Tutorial 

A bit about you
I'm Dre, and I'm the creator and editor of ...So She Writes...

I'm obsessed with making things beautiful, finding ways to maintain as a fab 
mommy, and enjoying music that stirs the soul.  My blog reflects that, as I 
share entries about music, makeup and beauty tips, and style tidbits.  I also 
throw in the occasional life lesson so that readers can 
get a glimpse of what's going on within me. 
Your style trait.
My style is much like my personality.  In true Gemini form, my style has 
two sides.  Sometimes, I love to be a girly girl and wear dresses and pearls.  
Other days, I have more of a laid-back around-the-way girl look.
On an average day, you will probably catch me in a tank and jeans, or tee 
and jeans, with a flower in my hair or large hoop earrings.  On 
date-night with hubs, I like to dress it up with makeup, 
figure-flattering dresses, and pumps.  
What are you KNOWN to love to wear throughout the seasons?  
Throughout the seasons, I am known to wear lots of denim, denim, denim!  
When I find a perfect fitting jean, I have a tendency to buy the pair in 
multiples.  Jeans travel with me through every season, however, in the 
summer I tend to wear less of them.  Sometimes it's just too hot!
 What are you wearing today?
Lately I've been wearing lots of dresses.  With the extremely warm 
weather, I've been wearing the least amount of clothing possible 
(while still being considered a lady lol).  I've also 
been very much into wedges as well.
I'm also a big sucker for statement-making jewelry.  
Usually a lot of geeky stuff though lol.

 Your Favorite Trends / Style Era & Why?
My favorite Style Era is the 50's.  The 50's style scene was very rock n roll, 
especially with the rockabilly look.  I'm a big fan of the rolls and bangs in 
the hair, the polka dots, the poodle skirts, and the cinched waisted 
dresses.  Everything from that era looked so fun and feminine!
 Walk Into Your Closet:
Lots of shirts and jeans.  I have some dresses,  a selection of blazers, and 
quite a few pairs of shoes.  I have a few bags and clutches as well.  As 
much as I love shopping, I am very budget conscious, as I have 3 other 
people to buy for.  I like to purchase multi-functional pieces that can be 
dressed up or down, without much time or thought.  I like to 
do this with my accessories and my makeup!
Staples: blazers/jackets, favorite jeans, tanks & tees, bag, 
clutch, statement making jewelry, wedge, sneaker, pump.

 What Inspires your style..?
My style is heavily based on comfort and functionality.  Being a mom of 
two very active children often make for days of wearing jeans and tee shirts.  
However, if I'm rocking jeans and a tee, I find a way to spice it up.  I'll wear 
a vibrant shade of lipstick and attention-grabbing accessories.
I'm also learning how to get ready in less time.  If I don't have time to 
apply a full face of makeup, I apply concealer under my eyes and trouble 
areas, apply two coats of volumizing mascara, a pretty shade of lipgloss, 
and the biggest, most fab pair of tortoise shade sunnies.  One of my 
favorite on-the-go hairstyles is a messy bun.  It's very chic 
and takes less than five minutes to achieve. 
 Hells Or Kicks...?
I adore heels!  I like the way they make my legs look!  But on a 
normal day, you will probably catch me in a pair of wedges or 
sneakers.  And for the summer season, I have traded 
in my sneakers for strappy sandals.
 Color Safe or Bold..?
I love bold colors.  I think because I choose clothing in simple cuts 
and styles, I try to go bold with the colors every now and again.  Like 
if I'm wearing black tanks frequently, I'll switch it up and wear a 
multi-colored one.  Or if my outfit is all black, I will pair 
it with bright accessories, lipstick, and nails.
What's your fashion statement..?
My fashion statement is wear what you feel!  If you're feeling fun and 
free, grab your favorite dress and pumps and have fun!  If you're feeling 
daring, try a bold new haircolor!  Express yourself through your style.
And on those days when you're just not feelin' it, dress yourself happy!  
I've found when I'm down or having a bad day, styling my hair, 
doing my makeup, and dressing up makes me feel so much better.
Do you play it safe? or are you a fashion rebel..?
I know this is gonna sound weird, but I like to play it safe in a rebellious way.  
Like, I will wear normal everyday looks, but will add a wildcard 
to the set like unpredictable hair or spikes with pearls.
Shop Obsessed
I shop some of everywhere.  My favorite spots are Forever 21, Charlotte 
Russe, and TJ Maxx (there's always a steal there!).  And I love the local 
thrift & consignment shops.  They're full of gems!  I am very 
much obsessed with Etsy.  Many of my accessories come from there.
Dress Me Like : who are your our style icons..?
I adore LaLa Anthony's style!  She's such a fab mommy, so I'm always excited 
to see streetstyle looks from her.  I am also a big fan of Rihanna's style.  She 
can go from feminine and flirty with long locks and classic cut fits to leather 
jackets, studs, and spiked red hair in no time.  And I LOVE that!  Erica 
and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary have great style as well.  They know 
how to balance fun and trendy with classy and conservative.
 Top Shelf : what are you into lately..?
I'm loving pink nails lately.  I'm also very much into bubblegum pink lips, 
as well as corals, fuchsias, and peach shades.  Right now I'm absolutely 
loving NARS Taj Mahal blush also. It's such a perfect 
shade and finish for the summer!
Style The Mannequin-How You Wear it Best: FAB DIY MANIS!
I am a girl that loves manicures.  I love having my nails coated with the 
brightest, most beautiful coats of nail lacquer.  But, as a lady that loves 
to save a dollar, I don't believe I always have to pay a professional to 
get FAB nails.  So I grab polish remover, base coat, top coat, a pretty
 shade of polish, and I get it done!  In minutes, you can 
have the fab mani you desire as well!
1.  Always start the manicure process with clean, shaped nails.  
Your nails should be filed to buff away any tears, rips, or unevenness.
2.  Treat your cuticles.  I apply cuticle oil to soften my cuticles and 
use a cuticle tool to push them back.  After treating cuticles, remove 
any traces of oil from the nail bed with alcohol.  This makes 
for a clean surface to apply polish to!
3.  Apply basecoat.  This step is especially important if you are 
applying dark polish.  The basecoat prevents nail discoloration*.
4.  Apply polish.  I like to apply nail polish in three strokes per coat.  
I go down the middle first, then stroke the left and right sides.  
Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.
5.  Add a topcoat.  Applying a thin layer of topcoat 
adds a shiny finish to your manicure!
6. Clean up.  Soak a Q-tip in nail polish remover to 
clean up any mess made around nails with polish.
Optional step:  Add embellishments.  This girl loves embellished 
manicures.  Whether it's a freehand design, an accent nail of a different 
color, or a glittered accent nail, I love the way it adds that extra pop to 
a manicure.  An easy way to accentuate your mani is to add nail decals.  
I love the Sally Hansen's nail strips and the Kiss Nail Dress Fashion 
That Sticks Strips.  They only take seconds to apply, are less than $10,
 and one pack lasts a long time if you only use them for accent nails.
 *Do you have nail discoloration?  Here's a quick tip!  To whiten nails, 
soak clean nails in lemon juice for 1-2 minutes.  For even greater results, 
follow up by lightly scrubbing nails with a soft toothbrush and whitening 
toothpaste twice a week until you achieve your desired results.*
I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial!  
Do you enjoy doing your own manicures at home as well?

Isn't she amazing..? I absolutely LOVE these stylish nails! Thanks
SO very much for sharing Dre. You can find her via her amazing blog
for more tutorials and fashion finds via "So She Writes" .
What Are YOU Wearing BEST This Week..? 
I would LOVE to stop in and check out your closet findings.. 
Please share via linking to your stylish posts and join in the fun..
Grab a button spread the word and join us every Monday.. We will feature 
fun  and most viewed links alongside my posts each Monday.. 

** Thanks SO much for stopping in today**
Wishing you an amazing week.



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