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Mannequin Monday's #5: A Rosie Sweet Home

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<<< Mannequin Monday's #5 >>>

A Sweet Rose & A Pretty 
Sassy Spray Paint Tutorial
A Rosie Sweet Home
Today's lovely guest feature is from the 
AMAZINGLY talented and simply beautiful 
Rose ~Via A Rosie Sweet Home!

<<<Favorite Inspiring Features From Last Week>>>
Thanks to all the WONDERFUL blogs that linked last week, so much to
see and be inspired by. You all were AMAZING!!!! 
Who wore it best..? These superb blogger's! 

1. The Land Of Quinn ~ Weekend Attire (LOVE that UO bag!)
2. Amazing series of Re-Fashion Via My Life In A Nutshell ~ Two Fer
3. Bridal shower irresistably cute affair Via Elements Of A Volumptuous Beauty
LOVE LOVE LOVELY LADIES!!! Thanks SO much for sharing.. 
Please join me in welcoming the lovely 
<<< Rose ~Via A Rosie Sweet Home >>>
I'm Rose, my blog is about crafting, sewing, photography, fashion, and cooking.  
I have a love for anything artsy and beautiful, on my blog I like to share the things
that make me happy like: crafts with step by step tutorials, 
recipes, and fun things I do with my family.
Your style trait. 
My style trait is to dress comfy yet feminine.  Being a mom of 3 kids has shaped my style. 
I'm usually in a hurry and don't have the time to get dolled up every day, {although 
I love an excuse to dress up, like date night with the hubby}   I want to be attractive 
when I go out, so you will find me wearing maxi dresses, skirts, ruffly 
tank tops. Earrings {big dangle ones} are the one accessory I 
can't live without.  I feel like they dress up any outfit.
What are you known to wear as a favorite all year round??
Dresses.  I just love them. especially light weight jersey knit dresses.  Long ones, short ones. I 
particularly like short ones {not to short... I am a mom} since my legs are my best feature. 
In the cooler weather I I just trow on fun jacket and some leggings. 
What are you wearing today?
You can probably guess, ...................a dress. 
Your Favorite Trends /Style Era
I say the 1940's.  I grew up watching movies from this era and I am still in love 
with the fashion from this time. It was such a difficult time in America and yet 
style was all over the place. From the hair to the hats to the dresses and 
hosiery, Those women were classy. 
Walk Into Your Closet:
your favorite staple pieces /must haves, your go-to favorites. 
You will find lots of jackets, and shoes.  I really love shoes, are my weakness.  I don't have a 
large budget for clothing so I buy pieces that I can add to any outfit. Jackets are 
my favorite way to change up an outfit. When I'm tired of seeing the same outfits 
in my closet I just throw that jacket on and my whole look can change.  The best 
way to find cool jackets is at the thrift store. I'm always finding neat vintage jackets, 
suit jackets, cropped jackets, jean jackets, I don't know why all those people 
get rid of there jackets but it works out good for me.
What Inspires your style..?
I seek to be trendy and classy, not young.  I look like I'm 18 and the way I dress can easily 
add maturity {not age} or take it away, I want to look like an adult.  I'm inspired by myself. 
I know this sounds arrogant but I'm not trying to be like anyone else.  When I go shopping 
I look for things that appeal to me not for what is "hot" right now.  If you {by you I 
mean me} try to dress in a style because it is what is "in" but it does not flatter you or 
bring out your personality then you won't be comfortable in your own cloth.  Before 
you go out of the house ask yourself how this outfit makes you feel.  If it makes 
you fee; good about yourself then go with it,  if not then change. 
Heels Or Kicks...?
While my eye always turns to beautiful high heeled shoe they are not practical for chasing 
around a 2 year old.  So I'm usually in flats. In the summer I almost only were sandals
Why cover up your feet when it is warm and I have a good reason to keep my toenails 
painted?  In the winter I adore boots!  Boots, boots, boots...  So many boots.  I just 
can't get enough boots.   Boots with heels of all sizes, warm and clunky, 
chunky too. My winter slippers look like boots. 
Color Safe or Bold..? 
I dress in whatever fit s the occasion. I'm not afraid of bold colors but most of the 
time light pastels look best on me.  I think women should 
stick to the colors that compliment them.
What's your fashion statement..?
My fashion statement is pretty and girly. I enjoy being a women and I'm most 
attracted to pretty things.  I want to be attractive not provocative

Do you play it safe? or are you a fashion rebel..?
I like to be a rebel sometimes, but mostly I like to play it safe.  It depends on 
the mood I'm in.  I might have an outfit I love but if I'm not in the 
mood  for it it won't look right on me.
Shop Obsessed Some of your favorite fashion stores
My favorite place to shop is where ever I find some thing I like.  I'm not a fashion snob 
and I'm a mom on a budget so if I'm at the grocery store and find something cute 
I buy it.  I do love TJ~Max a lot though. I never pay full price for 
clothing unless I can't live without it. 
Dress Me Like : who are your our style icons..? 
Jennifer Aniston is my fav.  Every time she pops up on on a 
magazine or on ET. I stop to see what she is wearing. 
Top Shelf : what are you into lately..? nails? colors,hair styles, what's
your top shelf item/fashion trend you are loving the most lately?. 
The one look that I have been into lately is the bohemian look.  I love how relaxed, pretty 
and flowery it is. Since I am a hairstylist I am into what ever hairstyles are out. 
I love short hair,  A fun layered bob is my favorite.  I'm always changing 
my cut and color.  Hair is the one place I'm bold. 
Style The Mannequin - How You Wear It Best : All
(one favorite focal item you love and can't live without..)
Shoes *Fun Re-Do Spray Paint Tutorial HERE*
From This Cool Process
To These AMAZING Heels!!!
I don't think anyone would guess they are spray painted.   The shoes I used were 
silver, I had bought them to go with an outfit and have not worn them to much. 
 I think they are a bit to "Hooker" looking for me at my age.  {Can't believe 
I just said, "at my age"}   OK, so all I did was stuff them with paper and spray.  
I did 2 coats of paint because it was a bit hart to cover a few spots 
but that was it.  I'm saving the paint to touch up the little 
places I might scuff .  I love my new shoes.

What's NOT to LOVE...?!? I JUST SIMPLY A D O R E Rose! 
So much style and great inspiring blog! She's super lovely and 
a wonderful bloggy friend to check out.. Ladies, this should be a 
MUST at some point. I'malready thinking of the perfect 
shoes to test this wonderful tutorial on! Wooohoo!!!!
What Are YOU Wearing BEST This Week..? 
I would LOVE to stop in and check out your closet findings.. 

Please share via linking to your stylish posts and join in the fun..
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We will feature fun most viewed links alongside my posts each Monday.. 
** Thanks SO much for stopping in today**
Wishing you an amazing week.


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