Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do over, re-do!

Do you remember the curtain I stenciled a while back? 

If you don't, take a look here!

I really liked the finished product, but I under estimated how hard it was going to be and only got around to doing one! 

Huge FAIL!! So since I only had one side done,  I had no choice but to get new curtains and the one finished curtain was put in the back of the closet!

Ok, NOW do you remember the ottoman makeover? Here is a little refresher!

I loved the way it came out, unfortunately, with a toddler it didn't last very long! Maybe I choose the wrong type of fabric because spot cleaning was kind of impossible! The blue would bled onto the white and it ended up looking a mess!

Now to the whole point of the story...

Tonight I was a little bored, and sitting on the couch looking at my horrible ottoman and thought something has to be done about this! I went in my closet in search of fabric I could use and pulled out the one stenciled curtain!!

Totally had an light bulb moment!

It came out perfect! 

Even failures can turn out to be success stories! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!!

I'll be partying here this week




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