Thursday, September 1, 2011

Its not goobye..just see ya later!

Eden and I will be heading off to California for a week, due to the passing of my aunt.
I'm happy I get too see my family, just not to thrilled about the reason why! 
Although death is something inevitable, it's never something that we are ready to face. Our selfish nature always wishes we had that one last conversation or hug or "I love you!"

But I'm so satisfied in knowing that she is no longer suffering and is in a much better place!

On a happier note,while I'm there I decided to throw Miss Eden an early 1st birthday party!
I'm super excited that I get to share such a special time in her life with some of the most special people in mine. Her Daddy won't get to be there, but we have something else special planned for our little family!
   And of course, there is a theme!!!
I just LOVE themed parties!!
Since we are celebrating the life of a little girl that I know is a miracle from God, I figure what better way than to ask everyone to wear all white!

I only have a few short days to plan, get the cake, decorate and cook (well assist with the cooking!) 
But, I'm so honored to have the chance to do it! Eden is such a blessing and has enhanced my life in more ways than I will ever be able to explain!

Stayed will follow!

Sidenote: I found a picture of what I want my closet/office to look like!!

Don't you just LOVE!! Now I just have to get my husband freed up cause it will definitely be a weekend project!!
For now, this is what I'm embarrassed to say I'm working with...
SO ashamed to say this is a part of my home!

Happy Thursday!!

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